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Eastern Great Lakes NQ Competition Exhibition!

The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club will be hosting an exhibition this Sunday October 2 at 3:15pm for the skaters who competed in the Eastern Great Lakes Non-Qualifying Competition this past week in Lansing, MI.

Everyone is welcome to this exhibition! Admission is FREE, but please bring your postitive attitude and energetic spirit to cheer on these skaters and the great performances they bring to the ice.

Due to the exhibition, this Sunday's general ice session from 3:15-4:05pm ONLY will be cancelled.

Eastern Great Lakes Non-Qualifying competition!

Congratulations to the following AAFSC skaters 
who competed in the 
Eastern Great Lakes Non-Qualifying Competition!

Violet Weizer - Pre-Preliminary Test Track Free Skate
2nd place

Audrey Weizer - Preliminary Test Track Free Skate
4th place in first round
8th place in final round

Andria Annala - Preliminary Test Track Free Skate
1st place in first round
10th place in final round

Elizabeth Casey - Pre-Juvenile Free Skate
Rebecka Hakansson - Pre-Juvenile Free Skate
Leela Anagari - Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Eliot Ziolek - Preliminary Free Skate
Selina Lin - Preliminary Free Skate

Congratulations AAFSC Skaters at the National Solo Dance Series Final!

Connie Achtenberg
Senior Solo Combined Dance Group B
Senior Short Dance-8th place
Senior Free Dance-9th place
Final-9th place

Salome Mouliere
Juvenile Combined Dance Group A
1st Dance-3rd place
Free Dance-4th place
Final-4th place
Juvenile Combined Dance Final Found-5th place

Bronze Pattern Dance Group A
1st Dance-2nd place
2nd Dance-8th place
Final-7th place

Evelyn Lemm
Bronze Solo Pattern Dance Group B
1st Dance-7th place
2nd Dance-5th place
Final-6th place

Nicholas Gajarski
Pre-Bronze Solo Pattern Dance Group B
1st Dance-2nd place
2nd Dance-3rd place
Final-3rd place
Pre-Bronze Solo Pattern Dance Final Round-7th place

Katie Kennard
Preliminary Solo Pattern Dance Group A
1st Dance-7th place
2nd Dance-8th place
Final-8th place

Evelyn Lemm and Salome Mouliere
Juvenile Shadow Dance Final-1st place

Julia Kaltwasser and Katie Kennard
Preliminary Shadow Dance Final-3rd place



Fall 2016 Learn To Skate Registration is now open.

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Changes to Fall Ice Pricing

      http://images.clipartpanda.com/save-money-images-finances.jpg                            Image result for clipart save money

AAFSC has made the following changes to ice pricing for Fall 2016

(1) Contract Discounts extended

(2) Lower price for Sign On Cards


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