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A message from the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club & Ice Cube
12:00 pm Friday, March 13th, 2020
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the Ann Arbor Ice Cube will be closed indefinitely. As a result, all Ann Arbor Figure Skating Friday, March 13th. Club ice time and programs are being cancelled. Any contracted programs or ice time will be credited to your online account.
Thank you for understanding,

Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club

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Bulletin Board Photo Request

How has your skater been staying active?
We want to know!
When we return to the rink, we plan to decorate our bulletin board with all the FUN things our skaters have been up to during this off-season. Whether it's outdoor activities, off-ice exercises, craft projects, puzzles, Lego creations, or books read, we want to know how your skater has kept a positive attitude while staying home and safe! If you would like to participate in this showcase of fun, please send any photos of your skater's fun activities to aafsc@annarborfs.org by NEXT Friday, July 17th.

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Learn more about your Board of Directors Candidates

2020 Board Candidate Information
To view the Candidate Biographies,
please click the READ MORE option below.

Voting Procedures will be announced in July

Please Note: Some AAFSC members who are
not qualified to vote may have received this e-mail.
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club

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We Stand United

Dear AAFSC Community,

As a club comprised of a diverse membership, it is critical that we make clear our commitment to providing a skating environment that is welcoming and inclusive. In response to recent social events in our country, the AAFSC would like to share with you the statement from USFS that the club has espoused:

We stand united with those demanding justice and change. We stand against prejudice, racism and discrimination of any kind. We stand together in condemning violence against Black men and women in America. And we stand with those making a difference as we strive for further inclusion in our organization and skating community.

In these times, it's important to remember that we stand united together as one team.
We Stand United

U.S. Figure Skating has policies against any form of discrimination. We
encourage you to review this section of the Rulebook.

The specific policies can be found in Part One, Governance and Administration of the United States Figure Skating Association, Bylaws, Article II, Sections I and J (page 19):

I. We provide an equal opportunity to eligible athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators and officials to participate in eligible athletic competition without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other status protected by federal, state or local law, where applicable. We provide fair notice and an opportunity for a hearing to any eligible athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator or official before declaring such individual ineligible to participate;

J. We select members of the Board of Directors and athlete representatives without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other status protected by federal, state or local law, where applicable; It is the responsibility of all members to adhere to these policies. If you experience or witness behavior that is in violation of these policies, please report the incident here.

Together we must do our part to make figure skating a safe and welcoming environment for all.
Current events remind us that we have a responsibility to hold ourselves and one another accountable in our duty to create a better society. The AAFSC Board of Directors is currently exploring opportunities to further enhance club activities in support of inclusiveness and diversity, and encourages everyone to use empathy, the power of your voice, and your actions to engage on a higher level in discussions about power, privilege and oppression, and the ways you can positively influence change.
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | Website

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Updates to our Members

Updates to Members

PLEASE NOTE: We have NOT yet been informed when we will be able to return to skating at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube. You will be informed regarding this as soon as we have further information.

To learn more, please select the READ MORE option below.

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Notice Regarding AAFSC Spring 2020 Programs

Notice Regarding Spring Programs
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and the Michigan "Stay Home, Stay Safe" edict, and with no date in sight as to when we may return to our regular programming, the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club has cancelled ALL Spring Learn to Skate lessons and Club ice sessions. All skaters have been credited to their online accounts for any prepaid/contracted sessions. Since we are unable at this time to access our offices at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube or our credit card and check processing equipment, any refunds may be requested AFTER we return to our offices.

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and we look forward to returning to the ice as soon as it is safe to do so for our students and coaching staff. Thank you for understanding!


Craig Forsyth
AAFSC Manager

Mary Johanson
LTS Director

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AAFSC Annual Members Meeting

Postponement of Annual Club Meeting
Due to the current COVID-19 situation and extended stay at home orders, the AAFSC Board does not anticipate being able to have an in-person gathering for our annual meeting in June this year. As a result, we have postponed this year's Annual Club Meeting and elections for open Board of Directors positions to Tuesday, August 18th, at 7:15 pm. All current directors will remain in office until elections are held at that time. In addition, we are currently considering the use of an electronic online process for voting in order to maintain safe social distancing if needed. Detailed modifications and procedures for holding our elections will be provided as we near the time of the annual meeting and voting window. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anicklas@nicklaslaw.com.

Stay safe and well,
Ann Nicklas
President, AAFSC
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | www.annarborfsc.org

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A Message from Dennie Jacque

A Message from Dennie Jacque
Professional Skate Technician
To learn more, please click the READ MORE option below

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Learn to Skate Off-Ice Exercise Videos

Want to learn how your Learn to Skate student
can stay active during this time away from the ice?
Click the "Read More" link below!

Weekly off-ice exercise videos featuring Learn to Skate Staff

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2020 Ann Arbor FSC BINGO Contest

ALL skaters who complete the
will receive a prize! (No Deadline)
Click HERE to print the AAFSC BINGO and get started today!

Plus, stay on the LOOKOUT for our NEXT AAFSC Contest!
HOW TO PLAY: Have fun, stay active! Complete ALL of the rows AND columns to win! After you've completed the ENTIRE card- immediately email your marked up card, a photo of the participating skater, and all required writing attachments to the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club Office at aafsc@annarborfsc.org. No purchase necessary to win and no deadline to participate!

To print BINGO card, click HERE.

Contest open to ALL current AAFSC Learn to Skate and Club Members

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Learn to Skate Message

Dear AAFSC Learn to Skate Families,

We hope you all are safe and well during this strange and challenging time. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all and meeting many of you for the first time! We are working on some fun out of the rink activities, all of which can be found on our Facebook page, "Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club Learn To Skate". We encourage parents to continue to check the page for new contests, information and updates for you and your skaters as we navigate the next few weeks together.

The entire staff sends a virtual "high five" to all the skaters! Please know we miss you and hope to see you all very soon!

Your Directors; 
AAFSC Suggestions for Learn to Skate Students & Parents
At the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club we're focusing on the positives! Here are some ideas to keep your skaters motivated, active, learning, and having fun!

  • Participate in our weekly contests These fun, yet challenging, contests are designed to inspire your skaters and keep them active! All of our contests are open to current AAFSC Learn to Skate students and require no purchase to participate!

  • Encourage healthy eating and water intake March is National Nutrition Month! Now is a great time to focus on healthy snacks and cooking at home. We want to encourage you to lead by example and make sure your skaters are drinking plenty of water and eating well. Learn more at www.eatright.org

  • Follow us on Facebook & Instagram Although email is our primary method of communication and should be maintained for all AAFSC News, we'll be sharing fun activities and skater spotlights through our social media platforms

  • Reach out to us if you have any questions Not all skating parents were once skaters themselves- so feel free to shoot us any questions you might have! We're here to help!
Ann Arbor FSC Member, Evan Bates
Like all athletes around the world, Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club Member, Evan Bates and his partner Madison Chock have seen their competitive season come to an early end due to the coronavirus COVID-19. However, their optimistic outlook has helped this duo maintain a positive reflection on their memorable season.

Read their recent exclusive interview with U.S. Figure Skating, by clicking HERE.
Scorching "snake charmer" free dance captures U.S. championship for Chock and Bates | NBC Sports
Watch their 2020 U.S. Championships
gold medal winning performance!
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | Website

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A Message to the PERFORMERS of Melody on Ice

A Message from the Directors of Melody on Ice
Dear MOI Skaters and Families,

The MOI directors and producers would like to thank you, the skaters and families, for all your hard work preparing for Melody on Ice "Mix it Up".  We were thrilled with how the performances were coming together and were excited for the show. It is our hope to reschedule the show in the future.

With that in mind, if you have videos of your skater's group and are willing to share them with us or other members of your group, please do so.   We also encourage the skaters to watch the videos so they remember their routines, so when we are ready to reschedule the show, the skaters and groups will be prepared. Similarly, please take care of all your costume pieces!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to touch base with us.


Your MOI Directing, Producing, and Steering Committee
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | www.annarborfsc.org | (734) 213-6768

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Ann Arbor FSC 2019-2020 Annual Awards

Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
2019 - 2020 Awards

Stay tuned for more award announcements
Congratulations to the winners of the
2019-2020 Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
Annual Award Awards
To learn more, click the READ MORE link below
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | aafsc@annarborfsc.org | www.annarborfsc.org

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Ann Arbor FSC 2019-2020 Medalists

Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
2019 - 2020 Medalists | Edition 1

Stay tuned for more medalist spotlights
Congratulations to some of our
2019 - 2020 Season Medalists

To learn more, click the "READ MORE" option below.

Stay tuned for more 2019 - 2020 Medalists
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | aafsc@annarborfsc.org | www.annarborfsc.org

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Ann Arbor FSC 2020 Graduating Seniors

Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
2020 Graduating Seniors
Stay tuned for more spotlights!
Congratulations to some of our
2020 Ann Arbor FSC Graduating Seniors
To learn more about our 2020 Graduating Seniors, click the READ MORE option below

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Melody on Ice Shirts

Missed out on ordering your 2020 Melody on Ice Shirt?
SECOND CHANCE Orders being accepted now through August 31st!
Short Sleeve Shirts
Youth X-Small through Adult XL: $14
Adult 2X: $16
Adult 3X: $17
Long Sleeve Shirts
Youth Small through Adult XL: $16
Adult 2X: $18
Adult 3X: $19
Available colors and styles
Ash Grey
Light Blue
Mint Green
Light Pink
Carolina Blue
Ash Grey
Ann Arbor FSC | www.annarborfsc.org | (734) 213-6768

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U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships

2020 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships
Junior Hockettes

Great job, Junior, on placing 5th in the Nation! This is a HUGE accomplishment and you've all worked so hard this season.

Short Program Music: Hawaiian
Long Program Music: Warriors
Coaches: Erin Donovan, Lindsay Grajek, Alison Maki, Marisa Hutchinson, and Gina Thompson
Novice Hockettes

Congratulations, Novice, on a wonderful season! You all skated so beautifully at Nationals!

Program Music: Women's Empowerment
Coaches: Erin Donovan, Nicole Falardeau, Ashley Korn, and Marisa Hutchinson

Juvenile Hockettes

We're so proud of you, Juvenile! To qualify and place 5th at Nationals is outstanding!!

Program Music: Dreams/Nightmares
Coaches: Erin Donovan, Lia Forsyth, Ashley Korn, and Sarah Compton

Congratulations to all our Synchro Nationals skaters!!

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3rd Annual Adults Skate Too Exhibition

Thank you all for the support in our 3rd Annual Adults Skate Too Exhibition

Sunday, March 1st
Adults Skate Too- Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club 3rd Annual Event
Our adult athletes had such a great time performing in our exhibition last weekend! We'd like to wish the best of luck to our skaters that are gearing up for the 2020 Midwestern Adult Sectional Championships & the 2020 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships!
Ann Arbor FSC Adult Skaters doing Cartwheels on the Ice!!
Interested in learning how to skate?

Stay on the lookout for our newest session of Adult Learn to Skate!
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
2121 Oak Valley Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
aafsc@annarborfsc.org | (734) 213-6768

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2020 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships

Another WIN for Ann Arbor FSC Member,
Evan Bates & his beautiful partner, Madison Chock!

2020 Four Continents Ice Dance Champions!!
Chock and Bates are now the two-time Four Continents Ice Dance Champions!
The team captured the gold medal after their stunning performances in Seoul, Korea yesterday. The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club is beyond proud to call him one of our own! With their love for skating- there's no stopping this ice dance duo!
Chock and Bates are 'Too Darn Hot' at Four Continents I NBC Sports
Click HERE to view their Rhythm Dance- "Too Darn Hot"
Congratulations to Ann Arbor FSC Learn to Skate Instructor, Daniel Eaton & his partner Yura Min!
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club's Learn to Skate Instructor, Daniel Eaton and his partner Yura Min, representing South Korea, placed 8th in the 2020 Four Continents Championships. They skated beautifully and were up against 16 of the best ice dance couples in the world! Congratulations Daniel & Yura!
2020 ISU 4CC Ice Dance FD Yura Min / Daniel Eaton 민유라 / 다니엘 이튼 사대륙 프리 댄스
Click HERE to view their Free Dance

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2020 Special Olympics Results

Congratulations to our Special Olympics competitors!
Congratulations to our Special Olympics competitors!! Together as a club, our skaters received 6 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, and 1 Bronze Medal! We have so much to be proud of this season!
2020 Special Olympics Michigan State Winter Games
Another great week in Traverse City for the Special Olympics Michigan State Winter Games! Thank you Special Olympics Washtenaw County and all the volunteers who create such a fun and positive environment for all of our skaters. The biggest thank you goes to the athletes who impress, inspire and remind us everyday that you can achieve anything!
Great job, skaters! We're beyond proud of your achievements!

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2019 Michigan Basic Skills Series

The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club WON the 2019 Michigan Basic Skills Series!!
Thanks to such amazing coaches, athletes, and parents the
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club earned 1st Place out of 45 skating clubs!
Another year, another win!! Thanks to the athletes in the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club's Competition and Performance Club, we were able to secure first place in the 2019 Michigan Basic Skills Series for the third year in a row! We're proud to offer this group class as an opportunity for Learn to Skate students to compete at local Basic Skills competitions throughout the year. Each year, the Michigan Basic Skills Series hosts over a dozen competitions where skaters and clubs earn points throughout the season for a final standing.

The skaters in Session #5 Competition and Performance Club most recently attended the Skate Midland Basic Skills Competition. Together they earned 14 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals, and 5 Bronze Medals!

Skaters in the group class are not only taught skating and competition skills, but teamwork and sportsmanship, as well. Our skaters in the Competition and Performance Club attend events together, support each other, and take pride in the accomplishments of the club. If you or your skater is interested in learning more about our Competition and Performance Club, please visit our website at www.annarborfsc.org
MI Basic Skills Series Club Award
MI Basic Skills Series Coach Award
Eight of our skaters earned 2019 Series Medals
Riley Randall
Basic 2 FS Silver Medalist
Phoebe Wallace
Basic 3 FS Champion
Basic 3 CM Champion
Giada Sharrow
Basic 4 FS Champion
Basic 4 CM Champion
Olivia Szczak
Basic 5 CM Bronze Medalist
Karen Yehliu
Basic 6 FS Champion
Basic 6 CM Champion
Nora Bruce
Pre Free Skate FS Champion
Pre Free Skate CM Champion
Yaeji Cha
High Beginner FS Bronze Medalist
Caroline Fox
High Beginner FS Champion
High Beginner CM Champion

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