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Introducing your 2017-2018 Board of Directors!
 We'd like to wish a warm welcome to the new and re-elected members of the Board!

Michelle Spiess was elected to a 1 Year Term and Brooke Sacks was elected for a 3 Year Term.

Ann Dougherty, Ann Nicklas, and Bonnie Shay were re-elected for their second 3 year terms.

We'd like to thank Nancy Staub for her 6 years on the Board of Directors and her 3 years as AAFSC President.

 Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
Board of Directors

President- Ann Nicklas
Vice President- Marina Babaev
Secretary- Ann Dougherty
Treasurer- Brian Edelman
Vice President Legal- Ellen Keefe-Garner

Marina Babaev 2015-2018
Ann Dougherty 2017-2020
EJ Easlick 2016-2019
Brian Edelman 2016-2019
Marisa Hutchinson 2016-2019
Melissa Keil 2015-2018
Ann Nicklas 2017-2020
Brooke Sacks 2017-2020
Bonnie Shay 2017-2020
Melissa Sperling 2015-2018
Michelle Spiess 2017-2018

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AAFSC 2017 Awards & Recognitions
The AAFSC is pleased to announce and congratulate the following skaters and members recognized at this year's Annual Awards Celebration.

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