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   Skills & Showcase

First appearing at AAFSC in 2003, our annual Skills and Showcase Competition is growing each year, and promises a great experience for all who enter. This competition caters to early skaters from Snowplow Sam and Basic Skills classes up through USFSA Preliminary level competitors.

The purpose of this competition is to promote a fun, introductory competitive experience for the beginning skater.

Ann Arbor Skills & Showcase is part of the Michigan Basic Skills Series Competition

Skills & Showcase 2017

When: June 10, 2017

The announcement and entry forms are attached.

Online registration is available at sk8stuff.com.

Entry deadline: May 26, 2017


Questions regarding this competition should be directed to the Ann Arbor FSC office, aafsc.officemanager@gmail.com (734-213-6768) or Mary Johanson, coachmaryjohanson@gmail.com (734-660-4442). E-mail communications are preferred.