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Summer 2020 AAFSC "Pandemic" Pass Thru IS NOT OPEN FOR REGISTRATION YET!

AAFSC Pass Thru is discounted ice, owned by the Ann Arbor Ice Cube, but managed by the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club. Please check our detailed ice schedules to ensure correct times, as weekly hours may vary throughout the summer. ONLY Current AAFSC members may skate until future notice.

When we do return to the rink, the available ice will be as follow:

AAFSC Pass Thru RATES- Paid online at the AAFSC website https://www.annarborfsc.org/Programs/Ice/ContractIce.aspx

60 minutes- $10.00       ONLY
  there are NO half sessions

Monday thru Friday
7:00AM to 8:00AM
8:20AM to 9:20AM
9:40AM to 10:40AM
11:00AM to NOON
12:20PM to 1:20PM
1:40PM to 2:40PM
3:00PM to 4:00PM
4:20PM to 5:20PM

Please note, you will not be allowed on the ice without your coach in attendance!

Pandemic Pass Thru is open ONLY to current AAFSC members and coaching staff. Skaters who plan to skate on/after July 1st MUST have 2020/21 AAFSC membership. You may not register/pay for a session without pre-approval from your coach.

Please read and make yourself and skater(s) familiar with the AAFSC Covid-19 Protocols as well as the Pandemic Pass Thru Rules & Regulations.