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Available Coaches for Off Ice

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Claire Mifsud

Gold Move in the Field, Pre-Gold Dance, Licensed Athletic Trainer

Douglas Haw

Gold-FreeStyle, Dance, Figure, Silver Pair PSA Master Coach Free, MIF, Figure* Canadian Level 5 Olympic Coach* *the only coach in North America to have the highest certification in two countries

Erin Donovan

Senior MIF, Pre-Gold Dance, Int FS, World Team Member, U.S. National Champion Synchro Skater and Coach

Jenny Patero-Schneider

USFS Double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and Dance, 8A Figures. B.S. Dance Studio Management from EMU (1996).

Katharine Greene

Senior Freestyle, Senior Moves in the Field

Rebecka Hakansson

JUNIOR COACH: Triple U.S. Gold Medalist: Moves In the Field, Gold Freestyle, Gold Free Dance and Pre-Gold Dance

Samantha Lang

Triple Gold Medalist in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Ice Dancing (international level)

Steven Pottenger

US Triple Gold Medalist in Freestyle, Pairs and Field Moves