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Congratulations 2017-2018 AAFSC Award Recipients!
2017 Michigan Basic Skills Series Medalists
Margarita Filonova
Mariel Gupta
Karen Zhang
Caroline Fox
Janet Yang
Avery Hoeft
Elise Meints
Hannah Kang
Jessica Burns
Alexander Meints
Grace Cregar
Michigan Special Olympics Awards
Tess Gompper- Unified Partner
Miranda Underwood
Alexander Meints
Gwenyth Guidinger
Teodora Spremo
Patricia Quelhas
Jacob Stephenson

Competitor of the Year
3rd Runner Up
Elizabeth Casey

2nd Runner Up
Evelyn Lemm

1st Runner Up
Connie Achtenberg

Winner of COY
Julia Kaltwasser

2018 Graduating Seniors
Alicia Bertsch
Samy Delva
Madison Lacy
Claire Miller
Hannah Park
Liza Pritchard
Holly Sperling

Julia Segall-Derfler Sportsmanship Award
Tess Gompper

Adult Achievement Award
Lillian Min

Gold Test Medalists
Connie Achtenberg- Gold Pattern Dance
Cyndi Edelman- Senior Field Moves
Sarah Hollister- Senior Freestyle
Bianca Karabian-Senior Field Moves
Madison Lacy- Senior Field Moves
Sarah Tuzinowski- Senior Field Moves
Bobbie R. Stoermer Test Award "Most Tests Passed"
First Place
Rebecka Hakansson
Ian Moyer
Monique Uzelac
Cyndi Edelman
Bianca Karibian
Julia Kaltwasser
Salome Mouliere

Melanie Faulkner-Bolhuis Apprentice of the Year Award
Alicia Bertsch
Gordon C. Brown Award
Cynthia York

Axel Achievement Awards
Olivia Tao
Abigail Moberg
Felicia Lin
Elizabeth Min
Claire Moran
Violet Weizer
Elsa Oonk
Marcella Bredeweg
Charlotte Lawrence
Salome Mouliere
Carly Wholihan 

AAFSC 2017 Awards & Recognitions
The AAFSC is pleased to announce and congratulate the following skaters and members recognized at this year's Annual Awards Celebration.
Bobbie  R. Stoermer Test Award- 
"Most Tests Passed"

First place (4 way tie)- 8 tests
Grace Chen
Rachel Eglinton
Anna Nicklas
Carly Wholihan

Second place- 7 tests
Sarah Hollister 

Third place- 6 tests
Morgan Gryniewicz  

Fourth place (2 way tie)- 4 tests
Sami Delva
Mahala Nguyen

Adult Achievement Award

Helena Schotland

Axel Achievement Awards

Leela Aiyagari
Andria Annala
Rachel Eglinton
Madison Lacy
Emma Pellegrini
Sarah Tuzinowski
Audrey Weizer
Cindy Xue

Julia Segall-Derfler Sportsmanship Award

Kallan Roan

Melanie Faulkner Bolhuis Apprentice of the Year Award

Bianca Karibian

Gordon C. Brown Award

Melanie F. Bolhuis

Competitor of the Year Award

2nd Runner Up:                                    Evelyn Lemm     
1st Runner Up:                                     Connie Achtenberg
Winner of Competitor of the Year:              Anna Nicklas & Max Ryan

2017 Graduating Seniors

Rose Beck
Megan Gupta
Alva Helber
Emily Krile
Gabriella Renteria-Bishop
Kallan Roan
Svea Wagner
Emma Wourenheimo

2nd Club Members
Kara Burns
Caitlin Churchill
Shannon McLaughlin
Allison Phillips

Gold Test Medalists

Senior Field Moves
Samantha Delva
Alyson Everett
Emily Gitlin
Caitlin Kaleta
Karissa Kao
Liza Pritchard

Senior Free Dance
Eleanor Babaev
Wolfgang Ebersole
Scott Wenner

Adult Gold Moves
Jennifer Weizer

Michigan Basic Skills Series Special Olympics Awards

Grace Cregar- Gold- Basic 10 Elements
Seanha Kim- Bronze- Basic 1 Elements
Younha Kim- Silver- Basic 2 Elements
Rohan Manjeshwar- Silver- Basic 1 Elements
Woojeong Park- Gold- Basic 2 Elements
Patricia Quelhas- Gold- Basic 3 Elements
Teodora Spremo- Gold- Basic 4 Elements
Gloria Sukpraphrute- Silver- Basic 3 Elements
Danielle White- Gold- Basic 1 Elements

2016 Michigan Basic Skills Series Medalists

Jessica Burns- Gold- Basic 8 CM & FS
Janiyah Detzler- Bronze- Basic 5 CM
Claire Moran- Silver- No Test CM & FS
Josephine Oonk- Silver- Basic 8 FS
Luke Wilkinson- Gold- Basic 2 CM
Luke Wilkinson- Silver- Snow plow Sam FS

High School Team Results

The Pioneer Varsity Skating Team results:
A team was 5th in district
C team was 5th in district

Adult Competition Results

Eleanor Coyle- Ann Arbor- 2nd place in Adult Gold & several Pre-Juv Collegiate events
Kathryn Dudzinski- Adult Sectionals- 6th place in Championship Junior/Senior
Robin Rivas- Springtime Invitational- 1st place in Adult Bronze
Kristin Seefeldt- Springtime Invitational- 1st place & Ann Arbor Basic Skills- 2nd place in Adult Pre-Bronze
Jennifer Weizer- Wyandotte- 5th place, Garden City- 1st place, & Midwest Adult Sectionals- 14th place in Adult Silver
Satoko Willgus- Wyandotte- 1st place & Springtime Invitational- 2nd place in Adult Bronze

Synchronized Team Results

Juvenile Team- 5th at Midwestern Sectional Championship in Grand Forks, ND- qualified for nationals
Novice Team- 4th at Midwestern Sectional Championship in Grand Forks, ND- qualified for nationals
Junior Team- 5th in Sweden defeating the Swedish National Champions

Apprentice Coaches

Elizabeth Casey
Karissa Kao
Bianca Karibian
Bella Renteria-Bishop
Celia Schroeder
Annie Wang

Regional/ Sectional/ National/ International Results

2016 National Solo Dance Finals- Medalists
Evelyn Lemm & Salome Mouliere- 1st place in Juvenile Shadow 
Julia Kaltwasser & Katie Kennard- 3rd place in Preliminary Shadow 
Evan Bates & Madison Chock- 2nd place in 2017 US Championship 

2016 Eastern Great Lakes Regionals
Audrey Weizer- 4th place First Round & 8th place Final Round in Preliminary Test Track
Violet Weizer- 2nd place First Round & 7th place Final Round in Pre-Preliminary Test Track

Please let us know if your accomplishment has not been recognized