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AAFSC ICE ETIQUETTE - updated 10/22

1) Skater Check-in at AAFSC Office  

Skaters must check-in at the AAFSC office in advance of their ice sessions.  

2) Traffic is generally – but not always – in a counter-clockwise direction. 

• Look both ways for oncoming traffic before you enter ice surface or move away from boards. 

3) Keep moving and be aware of the other skaters around you. 

• Watch for skaters practicing Field Moves patterns, Dance patterns, or preparing for a jump or spin – and do not obstruct these  patterns. 

• When not skating, skaters should stand by the boards out of the patterns or off ice. 

4) Right of Way: 

• The skater whose program music is currently being played has the right-of-way. 

• Second right-of-way is given to skaters currently having a lesson, especially harness lessons. 

• Limit harness time for an individual skater if others are waiting to use the harness. 

5) Coaches are expected to: 

• Be aware and keep students safe 

• Instruct their students on proper ice etiquette 

• Help their students learn to anticipate ice dance, field moves, jumps and spin patterns. 

6) Only AAFSC Pro Staff Coaches Permitted to Coach:  

• Only AAFSC Pro Staff and AAFSC authorized guest coaches are permitted to coach on AAFSC ice sessions. 

Parents are not permitted to coach their skaters from the boards or rink door. Blocking the rink door is prohibited.

7) On-Ice Behaviors: 

• Jumps are generally performed on ends with the Lutz being in corners. 

• Spins are done toward the middle of the ice – not along a continuous axis, in the way of field moves. 

• Skaters not practicing jumps should avoid the Lutz corners. 

• Socializing should be done off ice. 

• Kicking or gouging the ice or barriers is prohibited 

• Earphones are prohibited, as they make it difficult to hear program music and other skaters. This can also create a tripping hazard. • Any injuries should be reported to the AAFSC main office or the ice monitor and an accident report 


• If you should fall, get up quickly. Remember that the other skaters will have a much harder time 

seeing you when you are down low on the ice. 

• Please refer to current ice schedule for session details and restrictions (ie. groups and linked skaters, 

age limitations, ice dance vs. general, etc.) 

8) Off-Ice Behaviors: 

• The locker room is used by skaters of all ages, please be courteous and sensitive to your fellow skaters. • Skaters should keep their belongings in their locker and lock it. Do not give your combination to 

anyone. AAFSC is not responsible for missing items. 

• For your safety, skate guards should be worn off-ice at all times 

9) Skaters not demonstrating proper ice etiquette may be asked to leave the ice, with no ice time refund given. AAFSC staff and the coaches are authorized to enforce these rules.

Locker Room Etiquette

AAFSC Weather Policy
The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club and its Learn to Skate classes rarely close for inclement weather. We do not follow Washtenaw County or Ann Arbor Public School closings and have only cancelled classes three times in the last 10 years. However, in the case of extreme weather conditions, we will post at the top of our website at www.annarborfsc.org of any class/ice cancellations. Be sure to check our website rather than calling into the office.

In the case of a tornado watch and/or warning, all those in the building will be immediately directed downstairs to the long corridor between the Olympic Rink and the Varsity Rink. If there is a power failure to the Ice Cube and classes/ice time is cancelled, we will post on our website at www.annarborfsc.org.