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Except as noted below, these items apply during all sessions labeled "General" on the AAFSC ice schedules.

1. Traffic is generally – but not always – in a counter-clockwise direction.  Look both ways for oncoming traffic before you enter ice surface or move away from boards. 

2. Keep moving, and be aware of the other skaters around you. Watch for skaters practicing Field Moves patterns, Dance patterns, or preparing for a jump or spin – and do not obstruct these patterns. When not skating, skaters should stand by the boards out of the patterns or off ice. Socializing should be done off ice.  Avoid the use of earphones, as they make it difficult to hear program music and other skaters. 

3. Right of Way: The skater whose program music is currently being played has the right-of-way. Second right-of-way is given to skaters currently having a lesson, especially harness lessons. Limit harness time for an individual skater if others are waiting to use the harness. 

4. The Parent-in-Charge (PIC) is expected to: Announce programs and the program skater names. 

5. Private lessons – Coaches are expected to: Be aware, and keep students safe, Instruct their students on ice etiquette, Instruct their students to perform jumps, spins or moves on appropriate patterns. Jumps are generally performed on ends with the Lutz being in corners. Spins are done toward the middle of the ice – not along a continuous axis, in the way of field moves. Skaters not practicing jumps should avoid the Lutz corners.  Help their students learn to anticipate ice dance, field move, jump and spin patterns. 

6. Skaters are encouraged to use the General Sessions to practice moves, patterns, and routines.  The 4:15 sessions during the Summer Monday thru Friday are open to groups of up to 3 skaters – two linked skaters permitted. The 6:15 -7:05 session on Wednesday and 7:15 – 8:05 session on Thursday are open to groups of up to 6 skaters – two linked skaters permitted.  All other Sessions (with the exception of those designated SKILLS 4 SUCCESS, Power Stroking & ADULT) are open to groups of up to 2 skaters – two linked skaters permitted. 

7. Both the PIC and the coaches are authorized to enforce these rules. Skaters not demonstrating good ice etiquette may be asked to leave the ice, with no ice time refund given.

Policy for Ice Etiquette