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Important Information: Please Read
Dear AAFSC Community,
Another "gentle" reminder of the AAFSC Fall 2020 Rules & Information (updated 12/03/2020), paragraph 11 of General Practices for Skaters/Parents/Coaches: "Masks are required for coaches and for skaters/parents at all times while within the facility and on the ice. Avoid adjustment, removal, dropping during skating session and while near others.
a.     *If you are not willing to wear a mask, please do not come to the Club."

It has been observed that there have been several instances where spectators (parents and family members) wear masks that do not cover their noses.

We would like to highlight the following protocols that MUST be followed:

  1. Masks MUST be worn correctly and cover the mouth and nose areas completely
  2. The AAFSC does NOT allow any eating in the building at any time (this includes in the bleachers and upstairs lobby)
  3. Those in the stands must remain 3 seats AND 2 rows away from other guests for proper social distancing
  4. Each participant/skater is only allowed to have ONE person with them in the building. Parent or guardian entering the facility must follow all Club and Cube protocols and will only be allowed access to designated seating areas
  5. Absolutely NO siblings, friends, etc. under any circumstances

Skaters and guests who do not comply with the established protocols or social distancing will be asked to leave (no refunds or credits will be given). 

Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Craig Forsyth
AAFSC Manager
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club

Important Information: Please Read
Dear AAFSC Community,

We are writing to provide a gentle but clear reminder of the AAFSC Fall 2020 Rules & Information (updated 12/03/2020), paragraph 9 of Customer/Coach Payment Procedures and Policies: "Please be advised that ALL persons, skaters and coaches, are required to leave the ice at :05 past the hour regardless of whether there is an ice make."

In today's pandemic environment it is important that AAFSC manages not only the expectations and perceptions of those within the AAFSC community but also it is important that AAFSC does its utmost to manage the perceptions that those outside of AAFSC have regarding how we conduct ourselves and how we follow our self-imposed rules.

Your adherence to these plans and policies is both required and greatly appreciated. None of this is easy, but we as a skating community are happy to be open - and we want to stay open.

Thank you,

Ranjit Aiyagari
AAFSC President
Craig Forsyth
AAFSC Manager
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club

AAFSC Weather Policy
The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club and its Learn to Skate classes rarely close for inclement weather. We do not follow Washtenaw County or Ann Arbor Public School closings and have only cancelled classes three times in the last 10 years. However, in the case of extreme weather conditions, we will post at the top of our website at www.annarborfsc.org of any class/ice cancellations. Be sure to check our website rather than calling into the office.

In the case of a tornado watch and/or warning, all those in the building will be immediately directed downstairs to the long corridor between the Olympic Rink and the Varsity Rink. If there is a power failure to the Ice Cube and classes/ice time is cancelled, we will post on our website at www.annarborfsc.org.

Safety is our first priority
Keep your skater informed
Keep your skater safe
  • Be on alert for all skaters, including adults, performing their programs and/or dance patterns
  • Check-in with the PIC before taking the ice for each session
  • Stay aware at all times- socializing should be done off ice

Policy for Ice Etiquette