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Be sure to sign-up for AAFSC's
National Skating Month Challenge 2020
Registration Deadline: Monday, Jan. 13th
The skater with the most points in each age group will receive a punch card for two hours of Club Ice! Skaters must register by Monday, Jan. 13th to participate in the challenge. Click HERE to register!
How to Register:
Skaters interested in participating, must register on our website by Monday, January 13th. Please click here to be taken to our registration page. Registration is open to all current AAFSC club members at no cost.

How to Win:
Skaters earn points for every hour they skate above what they skated last month in December. All hours are tracked in the AAFSC Office for both December and January. Prizes are awarded to the skater with the most points in each age group. Qualifying skating sessions include Club Pass Thru and Sign-On sessions. Please note that Cube Pass Thru sessions (6:15 am - 8:05 am) and Public Skating sessions do not qualify. Participating skaters will be grouped into two age categories - Ages 12 & Under, and Ages 13+. Skaters must register prior to Monday, January 13th in order to participate.

Skaters must register by Monday, Jan. 13th in order to participate in the AAFSC's National Skating Month Challenge 2020.
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We'd like to thank all of the participants in our 3rd Annual Fall Coloring Contest!

We had our most amount of participants EVER- with over 50 entries! Therefore, we decided to choose a Top 10 for the Contest Winners.

All coloring entries can be viewed outside the AAFSC Office!

Great job to all our artists- both on and off the ice!!
Kaylee McBride
Age: 7

I love skating because I like to make snow on the ice, and I love being artistic because you get to create anything you like.
Ella McVeigh
Age: 7

I love skating because I like to learn new things. I like to have fun using bright colors to express how I feel and skating helps me do that too!
Sophie Mangin
Age: 7
Elaine Sun
Age: 7

I love skating because skating gives me a lot of fun! I also love drawing so I am taking drawing lessons to be artistic
Karen Yehliu
Age: 10

I am happy to represent AAFSC by attending many competitions and winning a lot of medals :-) My parents take my brother Kenneth and me to travel to many places, and the beautiful scenery that inspire me to draw colorful pictures
Elizabeth Min
Age: 10
Felicia Lin
Age: 10

I love skating because I love the feeling of gliding across the ice. I like being artistic because I can show how I'm feeling.
Violet Weizer
Age: 12

I like skating because of my friends at the rink and watching all of the other good skaters preform too.
Michele Thomassen
Age: 41

Skating is my therapy in my busy life at any part of the day. Just being a part of this club and all the friends and support here is what I look forward to anytime I skate. I chose to color this picture with the simple fact in mind "just relax" and enjoy the moment!
Beth Spencer
Age: 65

Artistic expression is definitely what makes Beth Spencer tick! She is happiest when pursuing her many creative outlets: skating, music, visual art, knitting, and fancy baking... so many passions and so little time!
Stay on the lookout for our next AAFSC Contest!

Congratulations to our winners of the
"Pro Staff Baby Match-Up" Contest
Guy Weizer- Age 8
"I really like the contests because you get to win prizes! I'd like to thank my coach Jason for always helping me."
Caroline Fox- Age 10
"The best part about skating is performing in Melody on Ice and Basic Skills Competitions. I also really love the contests because you can win prizes!"
Juliana Schroeder- Age 15
"Thanks to all of my coaches who have helped me throughout the years and helped me achieve all my goals!"
Mary Johanson
Erin Donovan
Brandon Forsyth
Emily Buckeridge
Brad Newman
Yasa Nechaeva
Steven Pottenger
Katharine Greene
Lia Forsyth
Meredith Longoria
Allison Maki
Lindsay Grajek
Marisa Hutchinson
Thank you to all of our participating coaches & skaters! Fantastic guesses!
Stay tuned for our Annual Fall Coloring Contest!
Contests open to all Club & Learn to Skate students!

Congratulations to the winners in our
Name that Celebrity Skater Contest

Thank you to all participating skaters!

We're proud to offer so many annual contests for our Club & LTS skaters! Be sure to stay on the look out for our next AAFSC Contest!
Emily Doerr
"My favorite skater is Alissa Czisny because of her athleticism and grace on the ice and her determination. She always gives her best. When I think of the "we get up" campaign, I immediately think of Alissa because she never gave up. She made me fall in love with skating."

Alissa Czisny is the 2009 and 2011 Ladies U.S. National Champion and the 2010 Grand Prix Final Champion.

Group III Winner
Age- 25
Correct Answers- 20
Violet Weizer
"My favorite celebrity skater is Jason Brown. I really love his split jump- he gets so high! Watching him compete is a lot of fun. I miss his long hair, though."

Jason Brown is the 2019 U.S. National Championships Bronze Medalist, six-time Grand Prix Medalist, the 2015 U.S. National Champion, and 2018 Four Continents Bronze Medalist.

Group II Winner
Age- 11
Correct Answers- 17
Morgan Randall
"My favorite skater is Alysa Liu. " She inspires me because she is young and little like me. She inspires me to try new things because she won nationals when she was only 13. I also like that she skates really fast like me!"

Alysa Liu is the 2019 U.S. National Champion and the 2018 U.S. Junior Champion. She is the youngest U.S. National Champion of all time. She is one of only four U.S. Ladies to land a triple axel in competition!

Group II Winner
Age- 9
Correct Answers- 17

Clara Eddy
"My favorite celebrity skater is Javier Fernandez. I like Javier because he makes skating fun and exciting. He inspires me to work harder."

Javier is the 2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist, a two-time World Champion, seven-time European Champion, and he is an eight-time Spanish National Champion.

Group I Winner
Age- 8
Correct Answers- 6
Thank you to all the participating skaters!! All of the submitted contest entries had at least 50% correct answers! This was a challenging contest, you should all be so proud!! #AAFSCproud #celebrityskaters
Find out the answers HERE!
#1- Ryan Bradley
Ryan Bradley is the 2011 U.S. National Champion and a three-time U.S. Collegiate Champion. He is most well-known for his daring back-flip, a move that has been outlawed in competitive skating due to its level of danger! Most recently, he performed in the 2019 Melody on Ice hosted by the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club.

#2- Alysa Liu
Alysa Liu is the 2019 U.S. National Champion, the 2018 U.S. Junior Champion, and the 2016 U.S. Intermediate Champion (as the youngest in all of these events!). Despite her success, she has been ineligible to compete at both the 2018 Junior World Championships and the 2019 World Championships due to her age. She is one of only four U.S. Ladies to land a triple axel in competition!

#3- Daniel Eaton & Danielle Thomas
Daniel Eaton & Danielle Thomas are the 2016 Midwestern Sectional Champions and the 2015 Lake Placid Ice Dance International Silver Medalists. Daniel also received the Gold Medal at the 2018 Midwestern Sectional Championships. He is currently training with Yura Min for the upcoming season. Daniel has recently been added to the Ann Arbor FSC Professional Staff and Learn to Skate Staff.

#4- Michelle Kwan
Michelle Kwan is a nine-time U.S. National Champion, a two-time Olympic Medalist, and a five-time World Champion. She is tied with Maribel Vinson (1928-1937) for the all-time National Championship record. Though she left competitive skating to focus on school and her career as an adviser to the Department of State, she has rekindled her love of skating through social media.

#5- Yasa Nechaeva & Yuri Chesnichenko
Yasa Nechaeva & Yuri Chesnichenko won the Silver Medal at the 1992 Junior World Championships. The following season, they won the Silver Medal at the Skate Canada International. In their professional career, they toured with the production of "The Phantom of the Opera on Ice", followed by Torvill and Deans "Ice Adventures" and later, In the U.S. they performed with the Ice Theater of New York. They have been coaching on the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club's Professional Staff for nearly 20 years.

#6- Joshua Farris
Joshua Farris is the 2015 U.S. National Championships Bronze Medalist, the 2015 Four Continents Silver Medalist, the 2013 World Junior Champion, two-time Junior Grand Prix Final Medalist, and the 2010 U.S. National Junior Silver Medalist. He has won five Junior Grand Prix titles, as well as U.S. National titles on the Juvenile (2006), Intermediate (2008) and Novice level (2009).

#7- Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton won four consecutive U.S. National Championships (1981–84), four consecutive World Championships (1981–84), and the Gold Medal in the 1984 Olympics. Following his competitive career, he toured with the Ice Capades and then created his own "Scott Hamilton's American Tour", which was later renamed to "Stars on Ice". He is still heavily involved in Special Olympics and other charity works promoting care and inclusion for those with life-threatening illnesses.

#8- Kendra & Steven Pottenger
Kendra & Steven Pottenger skated competitively in both singles freestyle and pairs freestyle, partnering in 2007. Kendra later skated several seasons for Disney on Ice as the lead role in "Dare to Dream". Steven now coaches students of all competitive levels, as well as in the Ann Arbor FSC's Learn to Skate Program.

#9- Brandon Forsyth & Jessica Joseph
Brandon Forsyth & Jessica Joseph are the 2001 U.S. National Bronze Medalists and alternates to the 2002 Winter Olympics. Brandon also received the Silver Medal in both the 1999 & 2000 U.S Junior National Championships in Ice Dance. He is now a member of the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club's Professional Staff and the Adrian College Synchronized Skating Team.

#10- Jason Deveikis & Pauline Bynum
Jason Deveikis & Pauline Bynum were the 2015 Pacific Coast Sectionals Pewter Medalists and advanced to the 2015 U.S. National Championships. Jason has since been competing in Dramatic Showcase events held nationwide. He is a member of the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club's Professional Staff as well as the lead instructor for the AAFSC's Adult Skating Classes.

#11- Todd Eldredge
Todd Eldredge is the 1996 World Champion, a six-time U.S. National Champion, a three-time Olympic Competitors, and a six-time World Medalist. He landed his first quadruple jump in competition at the age of 29 at the Masters of Figure Skating event.

#12- Brooke Castile & Ben Okolski
Brooke Castile & Benjamin Okolski are 2007 U.S. National Pairs Champions,2007 Nebelhorn Trophy Champions, and the 2008 Four Continents Bronze Medalists. Brooke was born in Detroit, MI and Ben graduated from the University of Michigan.

#13- Nathan Chen
Nathan Chen is the 2018 & 2019 World Champion, three-time U.S. National Champion, 2018 Winter Olympic Team Bronze Medalist, 2017 Four Continents Champion, and 2017 & 2018 Grand Prix Final Champion. He is hailed as the "Quad King" and currently attends Yale University amidst his training.

#14- Peggy Fleming
Peggy Fleming is the 1968 Olympic Champion, a three-time World Champion (1966–1968), and five-time U.S. National Champion (1964-1968).

#15- Kimmie Meissner
Kimmie Meissner is the 2006 World Champion, the 2007 U.S. National Champion, and 2007 Four Continents Champion. She is the first American to simultaneously hold the World, Four Continents, and National Titles. She is one of only four U.S. Ladies to land a triple axel in competition!

#16- Starr Andrews
Starr Andrews is the 2019 International Challenge Cup Silver Medalist and 2017 U.S. National Junior Silver Medalist. At the 2019 U.S. National Championships she skated a very beautiful program, received a standing ovation, and skated to a song of her own vocals!

#17- Camden Pulkinen
Camden Pulkinen is the 2018 U.S. National Junior Champion and the 2017 Junior Grand Prix Final Silver Medalist. He is the current world record holder for the Junior Men's Short Program score, having received it at the 2019 World Junior Championships.

#18- Paul Wylie
Paul Wylie is a three-time U.S. National Championships Silver Medalist, the 1981 Junior World Champion and 1981 Junior U.S. National Champion. He made the 1992 Olympic Team by 1/10th of a point and against all odds, earned the Olympic Silver Medal!

#19- Evan Bates & Madison Chock
Evan Bates & Madison Chock are the 2019 Four Continents Champions, 2019 U.S. National Championships Silver Medalists, two-time World Medalists, two-time Grand Prix Final Silver Medalists, and the 2015 U.S. National Champions. The two represented the United States at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics. Evan Bates has been a proud life-long member of the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club.

#20- Karen Chen
Karen Chen is the 2017 U.S. National Champion, 2018 Winter Olympic Competitor, and the 2017 World ChampionshipsPewter Medalist.

Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | www.annarborfsc.org | 734-213-6768

Congratulations to our 2019 National Skating Month Challenge Winners!!
Jay Aiyagari

"I have been skating for three years. I am working on Freeskate 3 and Preliminary Field Moves. I am excited about learning my axel and Lutz jumps."

Age Category I: 8 additional hours in January
Leela Aiyagari

"I've been skating for 6 years and am working on my Intermediate Field Moves.  This year, I will be competing Pre-Bronze in the Solo Dance Series and Pre-Juvenile Plus in the Excel Series to the song 'Regards to Love: Eros' from Yuri on Ice. I am looking forward to working on the rest of my double jumps in the next year!"

Age Category II: 9 additional hours in January
Jennifer Weizer

"I've been skating for the past 6 years and have passed my Silver Freeskate and Intermediate Moves tests. I'm excited to be working on my axel and double jumps, Novice Moves, and my new freestyle program. My favorite part of skating is skating with my family, and I can't thank them enough for their love and support. I also appreciate my coaches, who have the patience to keep teaching me! I couldn't do this without them."

Age Category III: 11 additional hours in January
AAFSC's National Skating Month Challenge 2019
The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club is proud to host a number of annual contests for our skaters! Participants in the NSM Challenge were encouraged to out skate themselves for the month of January! Thank you to all of our participants in this year's National Skating Month Challenge. #AAFSCproud
Join our NEW Melody on Ice Ticket Sales Contest!
Contest open to all skaters-Learn to Skate & Club Members

Join the Melody on Ice Ticket Sales Contest! Help us share the magic on ice by selling tickets to our annual show. The skater who sells the most tickets AND the skater with the highest total sales will WIN a prize! (See Contest Rules below for more information)

How to participate: It's like selling Girl Scout cookies or pizza kits- ask your family, friends, neighbors, teachers, colleagues, etc. Track your sales on the Ticket Sales Sheet and collect all payments to be turned into the AAFSC Office to receive your customer's tickets. It is the skater's responsibility to distribute all tickets they sell.

Click here to print Ticket Sales Sheet
Click here to view Contest Rules

We'd like to announce this WINNERS for this years Fall Coloring Contest......
1st Place: Ages 3-8

Melania Wykretowicz
Runner-Up: Ages 3-8

Sophie Mangin
1st Place: Ages 9+

Elizabeth Min
Runner-Up: Ages 9+

Karen Yehliu

Thank you ALL for participating!
Both winners and the two runner-ups may pick up their prizes beginning Thursday, November 29th. All entries will be available for viewing outside the AAFSC Office beginning Thursday, November 29th. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to your participation next time!
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | Website

Wow! Thank you to everyone who participated in the 
First Annual Fall Coloring Contest!

We are VERY proud of all the entries we received!!
(over 30 of them!)

There is such talent here at the 
Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our contest winners!

All entries will be view-able near the AAFSC Office this week!

Stay tuned for our Winter Contest!

Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club | (734)-213-6768 | Visit our Website!