• It's about the Skater: Accomplishment.Atmosphere.Attitude.Together.    
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Club Officers and Executive Committee

Office Name Email
President Ann Nicklas anicklas@nicklaslaw.com
Vice-President Marina Babaev masharik3@gmail.com
Secretary Ann Dougherty apdougherty@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer Brian Edelman treasurer@annarborfsc.org
Vice-President - Legal Ellen Keefe-Garner ellen.keefe-garner@sbcglobal.net
Human Resources Chair Bonnie Shay bshay@umich.edu
Safe Sport Chair Melissa Keil melissakeil88@gmail.com
Competitions Chair Ann Dougherty apdougherty@sbcglobal.net

Board of Directors

Name Term Email
Marina Babaev 2015-2018 masharik3@gmail.com
Ann Dougherty 2017-2020 apdougherty@sbcglobal.net
EJ Easlick 2016-2019 ejslick@icloud.com
Brian Edelman 2016-2019 treasurer@annarborfsc.org
Marisa Hutchinson 2016-2019 hutchinson.marisa@gmail.com
Melissa Keil 2015-2018 melissakeil88@gmail.com
Ann Nicklas 2017-2020 anicklas@nicklaslaw.com
Bonnie Shay 2017-2020 bshay@umich.edu
Brooke Sacks 2017-2020 besacks21@gmail.com
Michelle Spiess 2017-2018 skatermom1977@gmail.com